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lead the charge

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlead the chargelead the chargeto make a strong effort to do something It was small businesses that led the charge against health care changes. charge
Examples from the Corpus
lead the chargeAllen led the charge, but could they get a goal back?But Dole has, in his long Senate career, led the charge for the second -, third-and fourth-largest.Popper led the charge against, describing Wittgenstein s picture theory of language as hopelessly and indeed outrageously mistaken.But it was Lieutenant Harvey who was still leading the charge as he hurdled elegantly over the wire and into no-man's-land.But it is unrealistic to expect businesses to lead the charge alone.C., to lead the charge against the Bay Guardian.Its guitar-twanging shock troops led the charge away from what Ulan Bator had been, and toward what it was becoming.
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