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leading edge

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishleading edgeleading edgea) technicalAV the part of something that is at the front of it when it moves b) ADVANCEDthe part of an activity where the most modern and advanced equipment and methods are usedleading edge of This is the leading edge of medical technology. leading-edge leading
Examples from the Corpus
leading edgeBy having an aerodynamic, efficient leading edge.Somehow, he accomplishes it and keeps doing work at the leading edge.When curtains are to butt together, plan to have a half space at each leading edge.When glass fibre tubular spars were standard practice, leading edge distortion would form an otherwise straight line into a swan-neck shape!the leading edge of a plane's wingTo survive, companies must stay on the leading edge of technology.The weaving yarn should always be on the leading edge of the carriage.Part of it went upwards perforating the leading edge of the fin in several places.That so weakened the plane that the fuselage broke in two, just forward of the leading edge of the wings.One that balances leading edge technological capability with a thorough understanding of your business.
leading-edgeleading-edge /ˌliːdɪŋ ˈedʒ/ adjective [only before noun]  ADVANCEDleading-edge machines, systems etc are the most modern and advanced ones available leading-edge technologies for military and computer applications
Examples from the Corpus
leading-edgeleading-edge communication devices
From Longman Business Dictionaryleading edgeˌleading ˈedge noun [singular] the area of activity where the most modern and advanced equipment and methods are usedSoftware companies are on the leading edge of technology in very competitive markets.leading-edge adjectiveleading-edge companies ranging from Apple to Walt DisneySome US companies were unable to get leading-edge technology that was readily available in Japan.
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