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leading lady/man

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishleading lady/manleading lady/manAPTAMthe woman or man who acts the most important female or male part in a film, play etc leading
Examples from the Corpus
leading lady/manBut being in a wheelchair doesn't stop them having fun - or falling for the leading man.Davis became a genius by turning bit actors into leading men.Questioner2 Is your decision to take a year off anything to do with the rumours about Jeff and his present leading lady?They came at full speed, the leading man aiming to Sharpe's left, the other pulling to his right.The initial structure of the show had kind of a leading man figure: John Kelly.Corbin Timbrook, a handsome leading man-type, has been tending Downtown's best bar for three years now.Tuesday night's opening had to be cancelled and on Wednesday night the leading lady was ill.Oh, some one always asks who my favorite leading lady was or who was the best kisser.
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