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leading light

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishleading lightleading lightIMPORTANTa respected person who leads a group or organization, or is important in a particular area of knowledge or activity The two women were leading lights of the women’s union. leading
Examples from the Corpus
leading lightBy now, Braudel had become one of its leading lights, and from 1956 to 1968 he was virtually its editor.She loves gym workouts, swimming and playing netball - she is a leading light in a local women's team.On renouncing alcohol he was pardoned and he set sail for Darlington where he became a leading light in the Society.This victory may set Stretch up with a world-title elimination fight with Britain's other leading light middleweight, Chris Pyatt.Harrison, a man of simple birth and high intelligence, crossed swords with the leading lights of his day.The merchants were the leading lights of the popolo grasso or rich bourgeoisie.Another was a leading light opera singer in the local community.
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