Sense: 1-5
Date: 1400-1500
Language: French
Origin: ligue 'agreement to act together', from Old Italian liga, from ligare 'to tie'
Sense: 6
Date: 1300-1400
Language: Late Latin
Origin: leuga


Related topics: Other Sports, Measurement
league W2 [countable]
1DSO a group of sports teams or players who play games against each other to see who is best:
He makes his football league debut tomorrow.
be (at the) top/bottom of the league (=be the best or the worst team in a group)
2 a group of people or countries who have joined together because they have similar aims, political beliefs etc:
the National Socialist League

not be in the same league (as somebody/something)

to be not nearly as good or important as someone or something else:
They're not in the same league as the French at making wine.

be in a different league

to be much better than someone or something else:
For most of the match, Brazil were in a different league, and won 4-0.

be out of your league

to not be skilled or experienced enough to do or deal with something

be in league (with somebody)

to be working with someone secretly, especially for a bad purpose:
Vernon was accused by his enemies of being in league with the devil.
7TM an ancient unit for measuring distance, equal to 3 miles or about 4828 metres on land, and three nautical miles or 5556 metres at sea

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