2 noun
leap2 [countable]
1 a big jump [= bound]:
He threw a stick into the river and the dog went after it in a flying leap.
2 a large increase or change
quantum/great/huge etc leap
a quantum leap (=very great increase or change) in population levels
leap in
a 16% leap in pre-tax profits
leap forward
the huge leap forward that took place in the 1980s

by/in leaps and bounds

if something increases, develops, grows etc by leaps and bounds, it does it very quickly:
Lifeboat technology has advanced by leaps and bounds.

a leap of (the) imagination

also an imaginative leap a mental process that is needed to understand something difficult or see the connection between two very different ideas

leap in the dark

something you do without knowing what will happen as a result

leap of faith

something you do even though it involves a risk, hoping that it will have a good result

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