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leaseholderlease‧hold‧er /ˈliːshəʊldə $ -hoʊldər/ noun [countable]  SCLOWNsomeone who lives in a leasehold house, apartment etcfreeholder
Examples from the Corpus
leaseholderWhere the landlord is himself a leaseholder, the draftsman should have in mind the length of the landlord's own lease.The last vestiges of serfdom had disappeared in the sixteenth century, and the peasants farmed the land as leaseholders or sharecroppers.Mr Patten has written to the precinct's leaseholder, Eagle Star, asking for it to be refurbished.
From Longman Business Dictionaryleaseholderlease‧hold‧er /ˈliːshəʊldə-hoʊldər/ noun [countable]LAWPROPERTY someone who lives in a leasehold house, apartment etc, or who uses leasehold landThe owner may sell the land or property subject to the leaseholder’s interest being maintained.
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