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least of all

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishleast of allleast of allespecially not a particular person or thing She hardly ever lost her temper – least of all with Anne. least
Examples from the Corpus
least of allThey were not people who smiled much, least of all at children.This wasn't yet a case for the police, least of all for him.She told no one, least of all her husband, what she planned to do.Dave doesn't take anything seriously, least of all himself.Life is no bed of roses for the new dealer, least of all if female and of a gullible disposition.James was no model of deportment anywhere, least of all in his marital and other personal relations.Not least of all, it is the San Diego neighborhood that many gays have long embraced as their own.Nobody wants to stop you from following the career of your choice, least of all me.No one thought it was a goal of mine, least of all me.Nobody, least of all the chancellor, one suspects, is banking on this.Truth is, no one has laughed at the inconsistent Campbell lately, least of all the Nets.
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