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leave a lot/something/much to be desired

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishleave a lot/something/much to be desiredleave a lot/something/much to be desiredGOOD ENOUGHto be very unsatisfactory Inspectors say health and safety procedures at the factory leave a lot to be desired. leave
Examples from the Corpus
leave a lot/something/much to be desiredBob's idea of a balanced diet left something to be desired.His treatment of capital and profits left much to be desired.On the campaign trail, his oratorical skills have left much to be desired.On theoretical grounds, however, it leaves much to be desired.The quality of research in the area of child abuse still leaves much to be desired.To some degree they have been hampered by courses of study and lesson plans thai leave something to be desired.While the woodwind and low strings were reasonably well replicated, the violins, timpani and brass left much to be desired.Yet, as a match, it left something to be desired.
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