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leave/make its mark on somebody/something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishleave/make its mark on somebody/somethingleave/make its mark on somebody/somethingto affect someone or something so that they change in a permanent or very noticeable way Singers like Franklin and Redding helped gospel music make its mark on popular culture. Growing up during the war had left its mark on her. mark
Examples from the Corpus
leave/make its mark on somebody/somethingGrowing up in the shadow of Olivier had already left its mark on Richard professionally.So Hackney has left its mark on the history of madness.History is what you live and it leaves its mark on how you die.I was only a boy of ten at the time, but it left its mark on me too.Being on a Kindertransport was, in itself, a traumatic experience that left its mark on otherwise balanced and healthy children.It's bound to leave its mark on a man.
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