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lectureshiplec‧ture‧ship /ˈlektʃəʃɪp $ -ər-/ noun [countable]  SECa teaching job at a university or college in Britain, in which someone gives lectures to studentslectureship in He was offered a lectureship in mathematics at Bristol University.
Examples from the Corpus
lectureshipThat year, Cambridge University advertised a lectureship.John Wain resigned a lectureship at Reading to live in Oxford, where he spent five years as a professor of poetry.Lecturers and lectureships For details of 1992-93 endowed lecturers and medallists, and nominations for 1993-94 endowed lectureships, see page 272.Eleanor's husband had secured his first lectureship, and her first novel had been acclaimed in literary circles.After graduating, she taught briefly in Dalkeith before taking up her lectureship in Bari.And she lost her university part-time lectureship in Hebrew Studies, because she was pregnant.He then preferred the idea of such mixed work to a university lectureship.
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