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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishledled /led/  x-refthe past tense and past participle of lead1
Examples from the Corpus
ledBoth emerged from fertile local music scenes and were led by strong, politically aware black leaders.All these changes led either to the desertion or substantial depopulation of settlements.As a junior, she led her team to the state championships.Within families filial piety was the keystone of morality and it led logically to an absolute obedience to the household head.In 1993 Operation Gangbusters led to 43 arrests.Such questions have led to a bewildering muddle.Phenomenal demand for Thunderbird toys led to shortages across the country and disappointment for many children last year.The last folly was finished in nineteen thirty-six and provoked such a public outcry that it led to the first-ever planning inquiry.
-led-led /led/ suffix [in adjectives] XXhaving a particular thing as the most important cause or influence an export-led economic recovery
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LEDLED /ˌel iː ˈdiː/ noun [countable] technical  (light-emitting diode) a small electronic object that produces light when an electrical current is sent through it. LEDs are used, for example, as lights on electrical equipment, and to make words and pictures on large screens.
From Longman Business Dictionary-led-led /led/ suffix1if something is market-led, consumer-led etc, the market etc is the most important influence on the way that it behaves or changeshis espousal of aggressive market-led economicsThe economy will start aconsumer-led recovery by midyear.Social security and other demand-led expenditures placed upward pressure on public spending. compare -driven, -oriented2used after the name of a company, organization etc to say that the company etc is leading a particular project or activitya major government-led initiative for large-scale debt cancellation
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