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leewardlee‧ward /ˈliːwəd, ˈluːəd $ -ərd/ adjective, adverb  1 HEMTTWthe leeward side of something is the side that is sheltered from the wind opp windward We camped on the leeward side of the mountain.2 technicalTTW a leeward direction is the same direction as the wind is blowing opp windwardto leeward (=in a leeward direction) The ship cruised slowly to leeward.
Examples from the Corpus
leeward sideWe picnicked on the leeward side of a wall.To my left, the leeward side of sixty-foot dunes rose like a wall alongside the road.But it was on the leeward side of the house, and it had stood up to storms before.The fishermen from the leeward side succeeded in wrestling to shore about two dozen of the whales every season.
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