3 noun

the left/somebody's left

the side of your body that contains your heart [≠ right]
on/to the left (of something)
Take the next road on the left.
Our house is just to the left of the school.
on/to somebody's left
On your left you can see the Houses of Parliament.

(from) left to right

from the left side to the right side of something:
The photo shows, from left to right, his daughters Molly, Fiona, and Anne.

the left/the Left

PPG political parties and groups that support the ideas and beliefs of socialism. They usually want large industries to be owned by the state, and to use taxes to help solve social problems [≠ right]:
He has support from the Left.
politicians on the left of the party
The party is moving further to the left.
4 [countable] a hit made with your left hand [≠ right]

take a left

also hang a left American English to turn left:
Take the next left (=turn left at the next road).

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