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leftistleft‧ist /ˈleftɪst/ adjective  PPGsupporting left-wing ideas or groups opp rightist a coalition of leftist partiesleftist noun [countable] a group of radical leftists
Examples from the Corpus
leftistJacobson has solid liberal credentials, but he's not that kind of leftist.Many victims of violence have been leading agitators against corruption, as well as high-profile leftist activists.Most of its students are the provincial poor, the target audience of leftist guerrilla groups.a leftist human rights groupA utilitarian concrete block clogged with book kiosks and leftist murals, it draws its 17,000 students from six northern provinces.About another 25 percent of the voters here supported other leftist or nationalist parties.After graduation from Johns Hopkins University, Kempton followed his leftist political instincts.Other beneficiaries include an international financier and fugitive, Marc Rich; a leftist radical convicted of conspiring to bomb the U.S.leftist viewsCongress, have portrayed her as a prisoner of conscience persecuted for her leftist views.
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