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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishleftoverleft‧o‧ver1 /ˈleftəʊvə $ -oʊvər/ adjective [only before noun]  REMAIN/BE LEFTremaining after all the rest has been used, taken, or eaten leftover vegetables a few pieces of leftover carpet
Examples from the Corpus
leftoverTake all your leftover bottles to be recycled.If liked, extra artist's paint tubes can be made out of leftover fondant, and painted silver once dry.If you have just small amounts of leftover grapefruit or sweet oranges, you may want to feed them to wildlife.Ted wrestled the top off a can of chicken meat and put it in a bowl with some leftover macaroni and cheese.Test the varnish out on a small piece of leftover paper first to make sure that the colours don't run.His head bobbed like some leftover party balloon Lois had tied to the door handle.And people, leftover people like - like grubs that've been kept in the dark.She used leftover scraps of fabric to make a patchwork apron.There's some leftover soup.Can astronomers deduce, from the chemical composition of the leftover stars, how big it was?Lovemaking is not for leftover time.Use leftover turkey in casseroles and sandwiches.
leftoverleftover2 noun  1 leftovers2 [singular]REMAIN/BE LEFT something from an earlier time that still remains, even though it is not really useful or important anymore syn hangoverleftover from The headmaster was a leftover from the Victorian era.
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