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leg it

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishleg itleg itBritish English informalLEAVE A PLACE to run in order to escape from someone or something We saw him coming, and legged it out of the house. leg
Examples from the Corpus
leg itHe got so paranoid he decided to leg it.I legged it before the cops came.When Coleridge reached Mickledore, he legged it down into Eskdale with all speed.After he'd unfastened the message capsule from its leg it flew up to join its fellows lurking among the rafters.I legged it over to Broadway and caught the subway.If he starts growling and howling, leg it, quick!Apart from its legs it resembled an old fashioned typewriter with a carriage and Qwerty keyboard.Calling Emily, I legged it to the youth hostel two miles away.
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