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legal action/proceedings

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlegal action/proceedingslegal action/proceedingsthe use of the legal system to settle an argument, put right an unfair situation etc She threatened to take legal action against the hospital. legal
Examples from the Corpus
legal action/proceedingsThat's where legal expenses insurance helps - it protects against the cost of taking legal action.The authorities considered these cases suitable for civil, not criminal, legal proceedings.This broadly relates to communications between lawyer and client either in relation to the giving of legal advice or in contemplation of legal proceedings.The company expected legal action, and it got it.The Scheme makes no difference to an employee's rights to take legal action, and the Company accepts no liability.But, as Kim Barnes reports, Lexie McConnell's family say it won't stop their legal action for negligence.He is is now planning legal action to get compensation.Quiet diplomacy was out; legal action was in.
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