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legal pad

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legal padˈlegal pad noun [countable]  Da book containing sheets of yellow writing paper with lines on it, of a type sold in the US
Examples from the Corpus
legal padPolice sources revealed earlier that the three-page ransom note had been handwritten on paper from a legal pad found in the home.It had been written with a black felt-tip pen on a legal pad that was in the home.Sitting in his law office at 4 a. m. the next day, he took out a legal pad.Instead, he pulls a legal pad and a calendar from his briefcase and heads for the phone.Now it's Dominic who hovers selfconsciously, scribbling busily on a yellow legal pad.Adam picked up a yellow legal pad and scribbled on it.
From Longman Business Dictionarylegal padlegal pad a pad of yellow paper with lines, available mainly in the US pad
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