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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlegallyle‧gal‧ly /ˈliːɡəli/ ●●○ AWL adverb  1 LEGALaccording to the law They are still legally married. Which of them is legally responsible for the accident? a legally binding agreement2 if you can do something legally, you are allowed to do it by law opp illegally The station can now broadcast legally.
Examples from the Corpus
legallyThe normal exercise of political authority is by the making of laws and legally binding orders.Entry to this competition implies acceptance of the rules as final and legally binding.Recycled water can never be legally considered sewage.A gambling debt is not legally enforceable.Government employees cannot legally go on strike.The teaching of religion was always a feature of the curriculum, and until 1988 was the one subject legally required.Public campaigners fear that Celera's control of the code, legally secured with patents, could impede breakthroughs by other researchers.Saenz said he doubts that state officials can legally show that these programs are wholly state funded.legally responsibleLegal remedies can ensure that landlords carry out the works for which they are legally responsible.Remember, that as the carrier, you remain legally responsible for the actions of your subcontract haulier.Imagine our horror at the thought that we might now be held legally responsible for the tragic results of an inadequate diet.The skipper is legally responsible for your safety and has the final say over where you go.If the Policyholder is legally responsible, there would be cover.
From Longman Business Dictionarylegallyle‧gal‧ly /ˈliːgəli/ adverbLAW1according to the law, or obeying the lawA pilot can legally fly up to eight hours in a 16-hour duty day.The new law would hold manufacturers, importers and dealers of certain firearms legally responsible for any injuries they inflict.2legally binding an agreement or document that is legally binding must be obeyed by lawSome of the new rules aren’t legally binding unless adopted by individual states.
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