Date: 1300-1400
Language: French
Origin: légende, from Medieval Latin legenda, from Latin legere 'to gather, choose, read'


Related topics: Mythology
1 [uncountable and countable] an old, well-known story, often about brave people, adventures, or magical events [↪ myth]
legend of
the legend of St George and the dragon
ancient Greek legends
according to legend
According to legend, he escaped by leaping from the cliffs into the sea.
Legend has it that prisoners were brought here to be executed.
2 [countable] someone who is famous and admired for being extremely good at doing something
tennis/footballing/music etc legend
We must put more money into the sport if we want to create the tennis legends of the future.
a marvellous player who was a legend in his own lifetime.

➔ living legend

at living1 (6)
3 [countable] literary words that have been written somewhere, for example on a sign:
A sign above the door bore the legend `patience is a virtue'.
4 [countable] technical the words that explain a picture or map

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