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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlegendaryle‧gen‧da‧ry /ˈledʒəndəri $ -deri/ ●●○ adjective  1 FAMOUSvery famous and admired Lonnie Johnson, the legendary blues guitarist Her singing was legendary.see thesaurus at famous2 IMAGINE[only before noun] talked about in a legendmythical The cave is the home of a legendary giant.
Examples from the Corpus
legendaryTheir mounts varied from single-seaters to glorious road cars such as the legendary 250GTO and Daytona.A friend from Alabama never made chili without okra, and her chili was legendary.His spicy fisherman's soup is legendary.The album was recorded at the legendary Abbey Road studios.Her performances were legendary, and I am at a loss to describe them now.But there are other legendary diggings.At the time, Ktesibios's fame as an inventor rivaled that of the legendary engineer Archimedes.This stretch apparently isn't a good example of Ireland's legendary finery; it's too yellow and normal.The western flank of this high frontier is the Golden Triangle, legendary for its opium crop and warlord law.the legendary guitarist Jimi HendrixThe studio was owned by Sam Goldwyn, the legendary Hollywood producer.the legendary palace of Kublai Khan
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