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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishleggyleg‧gy /ˈleɡi/ adjective  1 TALL PERSONa woman or child who is leggy has long legs a leggy blonde2 a leggy plant has grown too tall very quickly and its stem cannot support its weight very well
Examples from the Corpus
leggyBut they were never bushy, had little foliage and looked leggy.The redhead was leggy and had a terrific figure.a leggy blondeRobert arrived at the party with a leggy brunette.Instead of cheerleaders, King would hire leggy card girls.Nice enough creature, I suppose - leggy, dark hair.But Marcos chooses to stay behind the harpsichord and leggy ficus.According to my neighbour on the other side, this apartment contained something very unusual in the way of leggy redheads.A Smithfield is a leggy type of collie of the sort that bullock drovers used when working cattle half a century ago.
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