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legionle‧gion1 /ˈliːdʒən/ noun [countable]  1 PMAa large group of soldiers, especially in ancient Rome2 literaryCROWD a large number of people
Examples from the Corpus
legionSoon, a legion of foreign reporters were on the scene.A legion of policemen and border officials are required to preserve this happy feature of a benevolent nature.Kolchak in the east, commanding a Czech legion.Spartak have even begun assembling a foreign legion.Maurice and his legion, Gereon and his soldiers reftised to worship pagan gods before battle.You can follow in the footsteps of the legions at Fishbourne Roman Palace: one of the finest built outside Rome itself.
legionlegion2 adjective [not before noun]  literaryLOT/LARGE NUMBER OR AMOUNT very many syn numerous The stories of her adventures were legion.
Examples from the Corpus
legionAccounts of Ali's kindness and generosity are legion.
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