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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlegislationle‧gis‧la‧tion /ˌledʒəˈsleɪʃən/ ●●○ W3 noun [uncountable]  LAWa law or set of laws It is a very important piece of legislation.legislation on the legislation on abortionlegislation to do something new legislation to protect childrenintroduce/bring in legislation The government is bringing in legislation to combat this problem.under new/existing/current etc legislation The company can be prosecuted under the new legislation.COLLOCATIONSverbsintroduce/bring in legislationThe government will introduce legislation to force brewers to list the ingredients in their beers.pass legislation (=officially approve it so that it becomes law)Legislation was passed banning the use of child labour.legislation allows somethingIt was a huge change when Russia passed legislation to allow the sale of private property.legislation prevents somethingLegislation prevents the import and export of certain types of drug.legislation requires somethingLegislation requires newspapers to be printed on recycled paper.draft legislation (=write it before it is finally approved)She is a member of the committee that is drafting the legislation.enact legislation formal (=make it into a law)Much legislation has been enacted to control pollution.propose legislation (=suggest a new law)The government proposed legislation on data protection.phrasesa piece of legislationThe most important piece of legislation was the Prevention of Fraud Act.ADJECTIVES/NOUN + legislation existing/current etc legislationThe existing legislation may need to be amended.new legislationThe Government has promised new legislation to deal with the problem.safety legislationSafety legislation requires all construction workers to wear protective headgear .national legislationNational legislation defines the powers of local authorities.government legislationNew government legislation will force manufacturers to label their products more accurately.federal legislation American EnglishFederal legislation is drafted primarily by the staffs of the congressional committees. anti-terrorism legislationThe House Of Representatives is expected to pass new anti-terrorism legislation today.
Examples from the Corpus
legislationThe policy was continued, with a number of amendments, in the 1925 legislation.Legislation is needed to stop the spread of computer pornography.Peace would mean no more suits For the tobacco industry, peace would be national legislation that would end anti-smoking lawsuits.new legislation on the sale of alcoholMadeira was transformed into an offshore centre by virtue of legislation enacted in 1986.An Appendix to the Circular discusses a number of related issues, and relevant legislation.civil rights legislationIt will be joined at some point by Clinton, even though he has no legal role in the legislation.Consultation with the religious denominations was promised before new laws were adopted along the lines of the legislation of 1928.The legislation requires motorcyclists to wear helmets.Campaigners argue that poor countries faced with a health emergency have a right under international trade legislation to buy generic drugs.Statistical accounts of those whose benefits have been cut under the Actively Seeking Work legislation to date were provided.piece of legislationBecause it was rushed through, another piece of legislation is now needed to put matters right.The Public Order Act was a necessary but highly controversial piece of legislation.Each piece of legislation therefore still faces pitfalls before either reaches the president's desk for signature.In this respect a particularly important piece of legislation is the Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977.The latest piece of legislation on the subject - the Insolvency Act 1986 - is massive in scope and in length.One piece of legislation that has gained momentum amid the concern about workers is a bipartisan bill sponsored by Sen.The concept finally won approval last year in a simple piece of legislation, less exalted than a constitutional amendment.
From Longman Business Dictionarylegislationle‧gis‧la‧tion /ˌledʒəˈsleɪʃən/ noun [uncountable]LAW1a law or set of lawsUnder the new legislation, employers will be required to offer up to 12 weeks of paid sick-leave per year.He introduced legislation to increase the minimum wage. delegated legislation2the act of making lawsThe fundamental purpose of legislation is to create, amend or repeal law.
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