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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlegislativele‧gis‧la‧tive /ˈledʒəslətɪv $ -leɪtɪv/ ●○○ AWL adjective [only before noun]  LAWconcerned with making laws The new assemblies will have no legislative power.legislative assembly/council/body etc (=one with the power to make laws) the main legislative body of the EU new legislative measures to stem the flow of drugs into the US legislative elections
Examples from the Corpus
legislativeHence we examine the issues surrounding the development of legislative and other means of intervening in the press.The Liberal Party has won control of the legislative assembly.Legislative authority rests with parliament.For both the conservative- and liberal-historians legislative change is of central importance to an understanding of the permissive society.a legislative committeeThe U.S. president has no legislative power, but he can make recommendations.The governor has shown in the legislative process.The 1996 legislative races turned out to be particularly important because of newly opened seats due to term limits.Where this is so, Parliament's legislative role is as above described in relation to Acts and United Kingdom delegated legislation.The ruling yesterday is expected to have an impact on six other states that have legislative term limits with lifetime bans.legislative powerStrictly speaking, there is no acceptable delegation of legislative power...The Executive, except for recommendation and veto, has no legislative power.They have also shown themselves reluctant to allow any sub-delegation of judicial or legislative powers.It has no substantial legislative powers and is as much a debating chamber as anything.It seeks to put legislative power directly into the hands of the people and circumvent the long-standing institutions of representative government.If the Bundestag is unable to convene, legislative power goes to a joint committee of the Bundestag and Bundesrat.Unitary Because all legislative power stems from Parliament, we have a unitary as opposed to a federal constitution.A change of executive and legislative power was demanded.
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