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legislaturele‧gis‧la‧ture /ˈledʒəsleɪtʃə, -lətʃə $ -ər/ ●○○ AWL noun [countable]  PGan institution that has the power to make or change lawsstate/national/federal etc legislature the state legislature of Virginia
Examples from the Corpus
legislatureEach state has its own constitution, and a legislature and government with wide-ranging powers.He became a nationally prominent horse breeder, fostered charities, sat on corporate boards, served in the Connecticut legislature.Public agencies get most of their funding from legislatures, city councils, and elected boards.the Florida State LegislatureWhitman enraged conservatives by opposing a ban on late-term abortions sent to her by the state legislature.In late June 1991 the legislature passed the 1991-92 budget for the financial year beginning on July 1.A manager with a hefty budget supplied entirely by the legislature will act much like a teenager with a hefty allowance.An act of the legislature is superior in authority to any court of law.In a sense, even though legislatures usually have spokespersons and leaders, no one can truly speak for the legislature.state/national/federal etc legislatureThese guys are talking about something that was judicially created apart from state legislatures or the constitution.Since that date more than 600 bills had been introduced in state legislatures.Idaho had been selected by anti-abortionists after similar bills had been defeated in several other state legislatures.What others in Congress and the state legislatures had in mind can not be determined with any degree of certainty.Eventually, in late August, the state legislature approved a budget similar to that which it had rejected on June 30.The restructuring actually gave control of the grid to the Independent System Operator, a body established by the state legislature.You know, I hear about all the things the state legislature is supposedly doing to make schools better.In all three countries, the citizenry occasionally votes, which can result in turnover within the national legislature.
From Longman Business Dictionarylegislaturele‧gis‧la‧ture /ˈledʒəsleɪtʃə, -lətʃə-ər/ noun [countable]LAW an institution that has the power to make or change laws, for example a PARLIAMENTthe Iowa state legislature
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