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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishleglessleg‧less /ˈleɡləs/ adjective  1 DRUNK[not before noun] British English informal very drunk2 without legs
Examples from the Corpus
leglessWe ran out of crisps and conversation and were growing increasingly legless and puzzled.A legless beggar pulled himself along through the slush on wooden slats.Mr Ridley appeared against the surreal backdrop of a vast headless, legless belly floating over his shoulder from the bench behind.They were barely humanoid, with bodies that dwindled from wide torsos to legless, conical abdomens.The shadow his mind made legless lurched against the wall, glass raised.Watch a legless man in a wheelchair completing the London Marathon and we cry, or at least I do.I was more than once surprised to see men going into those rooms, paying visits to the legless men.They'd gone from legless to stone cold sober in nothing flat.
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