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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishleisuredlei‧sured /ˈleʒəd $ ˈliːʒərd/ adjective [only before noun]  1 ENJOY/LIKE DOING somethingleisured people do not have to work because they are rich the leisured aristocracy2 RELAXEDdoing things slowly because you feel relaxed and are enjoying yourself They seemed to live a very leisured life.
Examples from the Corpus
leisuredThe questioning was polite and leisured but thorough.Only with the rise of a leisured class, supported by the enforced toil of others, was the balance upset.At 50, Larry won the lottery and became a member of the leisured class.The picture thus sketched is in strong contrast to the popular view of housewives as a leisured class.The leisured classes have had more attention than they deserve.His equivalent of Edwardian leisured escapism is today's green movement.The same leisured friendly atmosphere prevailed among the crowds in the park.But the lush, leisured spaces he portrays, a happy marriage of town and country, have gone.That left little for leisured women to do.
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