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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishleisurelylei‧sure‧ly /ˈleʒəli $ ˈliːʒərli/ adjective  RELAXEDif you do something in a leisurely way, you do it in a slow relaxed way, without hurrying After lunch we went for a leisurely stroll. working at a leisurely pacesee thesaurus at slowleisurely adverb He sipped leisurely at his drink.
Examples from the Corpus
leisurelyWe spent a leisurely afternoon talking about old times.Basketball offered an intimacy and an aesthetic on television lacking in the brutal National Football League or the technical and leisurely baseball.She enjoyed a leisurely breakfast and had time to read the newspaper.Sunday mornings she gets up late and then has a leisurely breakfast with her family.One day this son of a landowner was about to take his boat out for a leisurely day of fishing.After church we usually take a leisurely drive through the country.It developed in a slower-paced society when change proceeded at a leisurely gait.Cattle and sheep move at a leisurely pace over the earthworks that mark where men once lived and worked.The horse cropped at a leisurely pace through the flat Fenland countryside, Illingworth fretting while my friend gazed about calmly.The horse walked at a leisurely pace through the flat Fenland countryside.a leisurely paceThe two set off walking down the beach at a leisurely pace.Reggie was an endearing, kindly man who had led a leisurely, unadventurous life as a country gentleman.The moose resumed his leisurely walk toward me, and his grunts.
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