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lend itself to something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlend itself to somethinglend itself to somethingSUITABLEto be suitable for being used in a particular way None of her books really lends itself to being made into a film. lend
Examples from the Corpus
lend itself to somethingThe study did not seem to lend itself to a description of community service profiles.One of the beauties of the discipline of neurology is how it lends itself to analysis of dysfunction involving these neural levels.This is not, by its nature, the sort of theory that lends itself to easy confirmation.This process seems to have been handled badly, even if it is not one that lends itself to sensitive treatment.Or does the environment lend itself to the air power and precision-guided missiles of a Steve Forbes?It's time-proven, reliable and lends itself to tuning.The latter type of fuel lends itself to underwater storage for several decades.
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