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lend (somebody) a hand

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlend (somebody) a handlend (somebody) a handHELPto help someone do something, especially something that needs physical effort Can you lend me a hand with this? lend
Examples from the Corpus
lend (somebody) a handI just thought I'd come up and lend a hand.Nick and I laid out tow ropes to the bow of the raft, and cajoled bystanders to lend a hand.Shuttleworth Collection have supplied a copy of the engine manual - who else can lend a hand?Uncle Jack fell into the latter category, Ursula vehemently rejecting his offer to lend a hand.Women came by from other camps to lend a hand, bringing prashad.He may have lent a hand in the construction of the Jefferys pocket watch and even of H-4.Joe lent a hand to all, and supplied much of the muscle.I met them leeward of the middle vehicle, where they lent a hand to tip the wheelbarrow into a stable position.Lend me a hand with this box.
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