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lend weight/support to something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlend weight/support to somethinglend weight/support to somethingPROVEto make an opinion or belief seem more likely to be correct The police have new evidence which lends weight to their theory. lend
Examples from the Corpus
lend weight/support to somethingI lent weight to his side of the story but they sent him down.President Clinton lent support to the bill Monday.These results lend support to the idea that tenascin alternative splice forms may also have functional significance at the protein level.In these circumstances it was the business of responsible churchmen to lend support to the monarch in every way they could.Recognising this paradox lends weight to the patriarchy thesis, explaining away many apparent counter-examples.Some psychoanalytic writing appears to lend support to these assumptions.The recent closures of the paper mill and the aluminium smelter at Invergordon lend weight to this argument.Not withstanding the need for more investigation, the evidence surveyed in the previous chapter certainly lends weight to this view.
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