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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlengthylength‧y /ˈleŋθi/ ●●○ (comparative lengthier, superlative lengthiest) adjective [usually before noun]  1 LONG TIMEcontinuing for a long time, often too long opp brief A lengthy period of training is required. An accident is causing some lengthy delays.see thesaurus at long2 LONGa speech, piece of writing etc that is lengthy is long and often contains too many details a lengthy report
Examples from the Corpus
lengthyThere are stories of that event also, but it would make this too lengthy.With shops filling nearly four square blocks, the walk will be invigorating but not lengthy.The President gave a lengthy address to the nation on CBS last night.The procedures for bringing a body back for burial are lengthy and complex.The runways have reopened, but travelers have been warned to expect lengthy delays.a lengthy financial reportShe died of natural causes after a lengthy illness.He was indicted on drug charges after a lengthy investigation by the US Drug Enforcement Administration.Paul should expect a lengthy period of recovery from surgery.I intend to have a thoroughly enjoyable and lengthy period without paid work.Later, he tried to call the reporter near the holidays, and even wrote a lengthy poem.Creating a new network system is a lengthy process.They were both told of the lengthy queues when they rang to take children there for aid.He later completed a lengthy study of Figurative Art.The lengthy test programme involved laboratory testing and exposure to sea climate.a lengthy, two-volume book on conditions in modern Chinaa lengthy two-volume book
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