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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlentlent /lent/ πŸ”Š πŸ”Š the past tense and past participle of lend
Examples from the Corpus
lentβ€’ John hung around the theatre and lent a hand in any way he could.β€’ The pieces have been lent by the Frink estate and transported from Dorset, where the sculptor spent her last years.β€’ Inside the jacket that I lent her, she shivers.β€’ I lent him some money for the last time.β€’ Eddie lent it back to me.β€’ Those who lent to the turnpike trusts were even more localised than those who bought canal stock.β€’ Ken used to take us rabbiting and wallaby-shooting, and had lent us each a. 22 for our personal use.
LentLent noun [uncountable] πŸ”Š πŸ”Š the 40 days before Easter when some Christians eat less food or stop doing something that they enjoy β€”Lenten adjective
Examples from the Corpus
Lentβ€’ It had been lying in a back room, removed from its altar position after Lent, Surprenant said.β€’ Other peaks came during the months following the prohibited times of Advent and Lent.β€’ The starting date of the crusade was fixed for Lent 1190 when both Kings and Richard were to muster at VΓ©zelay.β€’ Sometimes the second reading, usually made from the Apostolic writings, had the same theme especially in Lent or Advent.β€’ In two weeks we will be entering the season of Lent.β€’ This morning we stand on the threshold of the season of Lent.β€’ When he was a young man, Jim thought of Lent as a season of contrition, spiritual discipline and personal purification.β€’ He mentioned the possibility of sacramental confession at the time of Lent.
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