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leotardle‧o‧tard /ˈliːətɑːd $ -ɑːrd/ noun [countable]  DCCa tight piece of clothing that looks a little like a woman’s swimsuit and is worn for exercise or dancing, especially by women
Examples from the Corpus
leotardIn one she was dressed in a leotard, black tights and high heels - and sat astride a rocking horse.It is equally important when she is wearing a soft tunic or one-piece tights and leotard.When he came in to find her, she was standing on her head in a sexy leotard, legs provocatively parted.He said Nicole Simpson did not own the gold Spandex leotard described by the clinic employee.The leotard she wore was a pale yellow Spandex, defining the wide shoulders and lean hips of a gymnast.We had on these green woollen leotards which got very heavy when they got wet.
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