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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlesbianles‧bi‧an /ˈlezbiən/ noun [countable]  SYHOMOSEXUALa woman who is sexually attracted to other womengaylesbian adjectivelesbianism noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
lesbianLang was the first major pop star to come out as a lesbian.You are worried, aren't you, because you think you might be a lesbian.But as soon as some right-wing rag called her a lesbian, she started screaming defamation.I didn't realize I was a lesbian until I was in my twenties.Reno apparently felt compelled to deny not just that she was a lesbian, but that she had any sexuality at all.Why else would she not go out with them unless she were a lesbian?Amitha: I suppose, if asked, I would describe myself as a Black Gujarati lesbian.Independent lesbian and gay self-organization remains central to any wider project that we become involved in.The pressures to be either Black or lesbian make it very difficult and confusing to develop being Black and lesbian.The conventional wisdom in the gay community is that 10 percent of the adult population is gay or lesbian.
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