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lesionle‧sion /ˈliːʒən/ noun [countable] technical  MIdamage to someone’s skin or part of their body such as their stomach or brain, caused by injury or illness acute gastric lesions
Examples from the Corpus
lesionHer daughter suffered a brain lesion at birth.a spinal cord lesionI strongly agree with the authors' main point that all excised lesions should be sent for histological examination.Rots also increased on recipient tubers when the donors were heavily infected but were free of gangrene lesions.What is the hidden lesion that is causing them?The inaccessible lesions were included in the final analysis as the aim was to evaluate this procedure according to the intention to treat.multiple lesions to the skinVomiting may occur with either migraine or lesions that increase intracranial pressure.X-rays of affected joints may reveal erosions of bone and punched-out lesions representing urate deposits.Thus the lesions that dermatologists see - the authors' control lesions - are perhaps different from those excised by general practitioners.
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