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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlessless1 /les/ ●●● S1 W1 adverb  1 LESSnot so much or to a smaller degree opp more Maybe he would worry less if he understood the situation. In recent years she has appeared in public less frequently.less (...) than Tickets were less expensive than I had expected.much/a lot/far less Social class matters a lot less than it used to.not ... any the less/no less (=not less) Your second point is no less important. It’s a common problem but this doesn’t make it any the less disturbing. I know he’s done a dreadful thing, but I don’t love him any the less.be less a ... than a ... (=be not so much like one thing as another) ‘Will you please come with me?’ It was less a request than a command.2 less than helpful/honest/enthusiastic etc3 less and less4 much/still less
Examples from the Corpus
lessOur awards were presented by the mayor, no less.But retail investors are trading less and borrowing less from their brokers, cutting the industry's core profits.He seemed to care less and less about the band, and eventually decided to leave.With the growth of telecommunications, the location of a company's headquarters is becoming less and less important.You should drive less and walk more often.They are less depressed, less likely to become addicted to drugs and less likely to commit suicide.Tickets were less expensive than I expected.Of course, it would be less expensive to use frozen fish.I want something less formal than a traditional wedding dress.Cycling was certainly less hazardous than today, as petrol rationing restricted motor traffic.We go to movies less often than we used to.However, the adaptation to changing potassium intakes is less rapid and less complete than for sodium.But there has been a good deal less successful cross-border brand-building in the confectionery division.This type of problem still occurs, but less than it did in the past.How, they ask, can we entrust this task to some one whose character is anything less than spotless?Since we got the car, we walk a lot less than we used to.Gradual changes are much less traumatic than sudden changes.much/a lot/far lessWe are sold through financial advisers and we have done a lot less advertising in the past.But it took a lot less computing power to design a nuke than to test it in software today.Under first-place-only restrictions, there would be a lot less dreaming.I mean that was a lot less earlier beauties.But absent sport, Sofie Fotakis would be a far less happy person.Statements about beliefs play a far less obtrusive role in these games.To my mind, the action was a lot less successful than the J-18 event in the City last year.One could, however, imagine a lot less suitable choices.
lessless2 ●●● S1 W1 determiner, pronoun  1 LESSa smaller amount or not as much opp more Doctors recommend eating less salt. People today seem to have less time for each other. Most of us got £4 an hour, but some received even less.less of The map covered less of the area than I’d thought. Flying is less of a risk than driving.less (...) than She knows less than I do about it.less than 10/100 etc a distance of less than 100 metresmuch/a lot less It costs much less to go by bus.USAGE: Less, fewerYou use less before an uncountable noun: These light bulbs use less electricity.You use fewer before a plural noun: There were fewer cars in those days. Don't say: There were less cars in those days. Although you will hear people say this in everyday spoken English, it is considered to be incorrect.2 no less3 nothing less than something4 less and less5 in less than no time6 less of something
Examples from the Corpus
less ofShe spends less of her time playing tennis now.
lessless3 preposition formal  COUNT/CALCULATEtaking away or not including a particular amount syn minus What is 121 less 36? He gave us our money back, less the $2 service charge.-less-less /ləs/ suffix [in adjectives]  1 NOT HAVEwithout something I felt powerless. a childless couple tasteless food2 XXnot doing or using something You’re too careless. It’s perfectly harmless.3 XXnot possible to treat or affect in a particular way on countless occasions She’s tireless.
Examples from the Corpus
-lessa tireless helperceaseless complaintsHe was shirtless.
From Longman Business Dictionarylessless /les/ preposition taking away a particular amount$150 less what you owe in taxes is $102.