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less than helpful/honest/enthusiastic etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishless than helpful/honest/enthusiastic etcless than helpful/honest/enthusiastic etcnot at all helpful, honest etc He was less than enthusiastic about the idea. less
Examples from the Corpus
less than helpful/honest/enthusiastic etcBut the way in which they are present may be less than helpful.Not surprisingly, the reaction of local residents to the schemes was less than enthusiastic.Those who had known him from that earlier period, however, were less than enthusiastic about his elevation.Although he did not reject a fact-finding mission outright, Major was clearly less than enthusiastic about the idea.The refugees are naturally less than enthusiastic about this.In this dilemma, Eliot was less than helpful to his apologists.But in the same interview Mr Dole, as is his way, was a little less than helpful to the president.
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