1 adverb
less1 S1 W1
1 not so much or to a smaller degree [≠ more]:
Maybe he would worry less if he understood the situation.
In recent years she has appeared in public less frequently.
less (...) than
Tickets were less expensive than I had expected.
much/a lot/far less
Social class matters a lot less than it used to.
not ... any the less/no less (=not less)
Your second point is no less important.
It's a common problem but this doesn't make it any the less disturbing.
I know he's done a dreadful thing, but I don't love him any the less.
be less a... than a... (=be not so much like one thing as another)
'Will you please come with me?' It was less a request than a command.

less than helpful/honest/enthusiastic etc

not at all helpful, honest etc:
He was less than enthusiastic about the idea.

less and less

used to say that a quality, situation etc gradually decreases [≠ more and more]:
As the years went by, he seemed to care less and less about his reputation.
Smoking in the workplace is becoming less and less acceptable.

much/still less

used to say that a greater thing is even less true, likely, or possible than the thing you have just mentioned:
These people can scarcely afford to buy food, still less luxury goods like perfume.
I didn't think Dave would ever read a book, much less write one himself.

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