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lesser/ordinary/mere mortals

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlesser/ordinary/mere mortalslesser/ordinary/mere mortalsORDINARYordinary people, as compared with people who are more important, more powerful, or more skilled – used humorously She dines in the executive suite, while we lesser mortals use the staff cafeteria. mortal
Examples from the Corpus
lesser/ordinary/mere mortalsA penchant for setting oneself apart and above mere mortals.Miracles can be worked by Him alone, although mere mortals may entreat Him by prayer to perform them on their behalf.And together we were emphatically co-operative that neighbouring forces were populated by lesser mortals.Lords, ladies, dukes and duchesses figure prominently among the names as well as more ordinary mortals of obviously substantial means.This increased exposure allows them to exploit their advantages over more ordinary mortals more easily than their predecessors could.She held herself raised by her great prosperity above all that ordinary mortals fear and reverence.However, such models of the universe are not of much interest to us ordinary mortals.
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