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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlestlest /lest/ ●○○ conjunction literary  1 TO/IN ORDER TOin order to make sure that something will not happen She turned away from the window lest anyone see them.2 IFused to show that someone is afraid or worried that a particular thing might happenworried/concerned/anxious etc lest ... He paused, afraid lest he say too much. She worried lest he should tell someone what had happened.
Examples from the Corpus
lestShe pulled away from the window lest anyone see them.He paused, afraid lest he say too much.worried/concerned/anxious etc lest ...Wendy and I were at once amused and embarrassed, but also concerned lest he be mown down by a passing train.He found it difficult to sleep at night, anxious lest his delay might cause further tragedy at Godstowe.Immediately I felt worried lest I be seen as different from the others.Businesses are worried lest pushing things too fast leads to the adoption of quotas for women and minorities.He was already worried lest she should tell some one what had happened.Obviously he was worried lest they may have sustained some damage by coming into contact with my nasty hard ribs.
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