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let fly (something)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlet fly (something)let fly (something)a) SHOUTto suddenly start shouting angrily at someone syn let loose The prisoner let fly with a torrent of abuse. b) ATTACKto suddenly attack someone, especially with bullets or a weapon that is thrownlet fly (something) with The soldiers let fly with a hail of machine-gun fire. fly
Examples from the Corpus
let fly (something)He located running back John Fuqua 20 yards downfield and let fly.Sit it on a hill and wait till the enemy is within half range and then let fly.The Bashers tightened lips, hunched shoulders, and let fly.You have only to come close enough to my hide and I let fly.It seems that the Battler and Rico let fly at somebody who was coming out of the back door of the Regal Arms.Kimberley let fly at the dangling men from a hopeless range.And there all the time, a line of kneeling archers, letting fly from behind their ranked shields.If the threat still persists, he will let fly with one or both hindlegs.
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