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let/get somebody off the hook

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlet/get somebody off the hooklet/get somebody off the hookFORGIVEto allow someone or help someone to get out of a difficult situation I wasn’t prepared to let her off the hook that easily. hook
Examples from the Corpus
let/get somebody off the hookApologising for ourselves Apologising and being self-deprecating can let you off the hook.You could let them off the hook, or you could reel them in.Home striker Paul Crimmen let them off the hook on a number of occasions and Horsham had two goals disallowed.Why, she wondered, when she had effectively let him off the hook?I emphasize the tense because Congress has the habit of letting itself off the hook when convenient.It could even, in a pinch, get him off the hook for the nightly walk to the monument.And he was at the heart of two of the double plays that got Johns off the hook.People will think they let Charmaine off the hook because she's a woman.And this time there is no second match to get anyone off the hook!
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