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let go

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlet golet goHOLD a) to stop holding something or someone Let go! You’re hurting me.let go of The guard let go of the lead, and the dog lunged forward. b) to accept that you cannot change something and stop thinking or worrying about it Sometimes you just have to learn to let go. let
Examples from the Corpus
let goCory Selliker, his eyes watering under the brim of his black Earnhardt cap, heard Marchman's advice to let go.It was as if they were clinging to each other, and they couldn't let go.Then the turtle was going to tear his arms off, and he let go.He let go and ducked back into the driving rain.Just let go and jump.What was it that he himself would have to let go of before he reached the mountaintop?At the end of the fair, the school let go of hundreds of balloons.They let go of the girl and led Hilda behind the partition.She wouldn't let go of the letter.So mestizo culture - reluctant to let go of tradition - created its own deity to host the yearly handout.You have to let go or go mad.Let go! You're hurting me.