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let rip

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlet riplet ripinformalVIOLENTEMOTIONAL to speak or behave violently or emotionally Fran took a slow deep breath, then let rip, yelling and shouting at him. rip
Examples from the Corpus
let ripAnd, quite frankly, I just let rip.But Lord McNally, a Liberal Democrat, was able to let rip.Encouraged, and not noticing in his excitement the look of horror on his Rachel's face, Alfred let rip.He had carte blanche to let rip.In the end, the market is let rip.Out on the motorway he let rip.Harriet finally let rip with 20 years of stored resentment.And picture the scene when a bunch of the boys let rip with the Toreador Song from Carmen.
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