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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishletdownlet‧down /ˈletdaʊn/ ●○○ noun [singular]  informalDISAPPOINTED an event, performance etc that is not as good as you expected it to be syn disappointment The end of the book was a real letdown. let down at let1
Examples from the Corpus
letdownWaldon has vowed not to let a letdown happen.The general consensus is the show was a complete snooze, a letdown that garnered huge ratings and little else.For the political right, Bolick said, the term just ended was a letdown when compared with last year.The absence of it was a letdown.The regents were a big letdown.It will be a major letdown if we lose the game to Kansas.Adding to a potential letdown, the triple was first waved off and then restored after the referees convened at midcourt.The nation is mired in the muck of post-Superbowl letdown.
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