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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlethargicle‧thar‧gic /ləˈθɑːdʒɪk $ -ˈθɑːr-/ adjective  TIREDfeeling as if you have no energy and no interest in doing anything syn lazy opp energetic The hot weather was making us all lethargic.see thesaurus at slowlethargically /-kli/ adverb
Examples from the Corpus
lethargicAll this hot weather is making me feel lethargic.Problems at home were making Will feel lethargic.She has been feeling oddly lethargic all through the drills.On the other hand, if we are under-stressed we will become lethargic and tired and psychosomatic illnesses could occur.The lethargic Blues, however, deserved what they got today - nothing!This did not necessarily mean that all local party chiefs in the minorities were also lethargic during 1922.Patients with depression may be lethargic during the day and unable to sleep at night.Lying in a crib, Mary was lethargic, fevered, and unable to swallow any liquids for four days.The spectacular play inspired his lethargic teammates to start playing harder.The more lethargic, weak and ill the infant, the greater is the urgency and need for expert advice.For instance, you may be feeling depressed and lethargic, yet love the gentle, relaxing aroma of sandalwood.
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