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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlethargyleth‧ar‧gy /ˈleθədʒi $ -ər-/ noun [uncountable]  TIREDthe feeling of being lethargic New mothers often complain of lethargy and mild depression.
Examples from the Corpus
lethargyThe older medicines often cause serious and bothersome side effects such as shaking, rigidity and lethargy.Safety and lethargy are two words barely acknowledged by the distinguished traveller, Wilfred Thesiger.The adults were wonderful as they roused themselves from lethargy to make so many things possible for us.Apart from over-sleepiness, symptoms include: lethargy, overeating, depression, social problems and loss of libido.Another common symptom of a hangover is lethargy and muscular weakness.Like his teammates, Henderson had moments of lethargy and sloppy play.One member shone out from this picture of lethargy and petty corruption.Helplessly she blinked up at him, feeling a slow lethargy creep through her whole body.It is not unusual for new mothers to go to the doctor complaining of tiredness, lethargy, and mild depression.
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